21 Ways to Increase Candidate Experience #1, 2, and 3 (Basics)

When thinking about how to improve a candidate experience, we here at Aspen let the data talk to us.

Without further ado, we listed 21 foolproof tips on how to improve your HR team’s candidate experience. These tips are based from data that we’ve collected from 2013 to 2016, and all continue to hold true.

As always, these tips are dependent on several factors that are different for each business, however, they should increase overall candidate experience ratings, as well as specific experience ratings.

 #1-3: The Basics

1.  Use frequent surveying of candidates to track your candidate experienceTracking certain candidate experience measurements consistently shows an increase in performance. By simply putting the tracking in place and having your HR team be vocal about tracking, ratings increase, usually maximizing at about 15% in improvement.

2. Compensate recruiters directly for good candidate experience feedback. It turns out that companies that include performance based rewards in their compensation plan based off of good candidate experience regularly have higher candidate feedback ratings. Makes sense. 🙂

3. Allow candidates to finish applications completely, and then submitSometimes questions are asked during an application, and depending on the candidate’s answers, an immediate kick-out is given. Maybe you think that is a strong idea, well it can be, provided other parts of the process are strong. However, if your brand is weak, the description is weak, the site is hard to navigate, but the candidate still applies and THEN you cut them off through the process, it almost becomes the straw that broke the camel’s back.

These three tips are part of a 7 part posting series, with an 8th post with all 21 tips in one place. 

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