21 Ways to Increase Candidate Experience #7, 8, and 9 (Logistics)

#7-9 Logistics

7. Coordinate logistics directly for any meetings with candidates if you do not already do so. This may mean using a scheduling tool like TimeDriver or Calendy, or even outsourcing interview scheduling, but the “concierge effect” still holds true for candidates. The key feedback point is “make it easy”. The interview itself may be difficult, and that’s okay, but when the process to get the interview to happen is cumbersome, it works against you.

8. Switch administrative tasks being carried out by recruiters to hiring managers on interview days. You can use automation here as needed to reduce actual effort but the act of taking deliberate care carries through feedback we read AND also when a SOP for a hiring manager in general.

9. Utilize text push notifications throughout the candidate process using your ATS, text messages, and more. Ahh the text message, what a powerful tool. Apparently it works in recruiting too, as those employers that use email and SMS alerts outpace their counterparts overall candidate experience ratings.

These three tips are part of a 7 part posting series, with an 8th post with all 21 tips in one place. 

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