21 Ways to Increase Candidate Experience #4, 5, and 6 (Tech & Assess)

#4-6 Technology and Assessments

4. Simplify navigation of your career site to make it easier for candidates to find relevant. Analysis of collected data has seen that there are poor candidate experience on when information can not be found easily or resides in a very different place from other information.

5. Increase assessment technologies. This tip  works in tandem with a reduced application. If you have a 35 minute apply process and a 35 min assessment process, you have much to improve on. However, data and clients have shown by making applications a simply swipe or very short, then followed by an assessment less than 20 minutes actually shows an improvement in candidate experience, especially from dismissed candidates.

6Assess more applicants using technology, screening, or initial conversations than you currently areOne of the downfalls of actually having a recruiter look at a candidate is that even if the recruiter does their job, they rarely can explain to a candidate why they are being dismissed, and the assumption is that also the recruiter may have looked at the resume for only 30 seconds. Or 10 for that matter. Although additional screening using technology may be expensive or feel superfluous, its provide plausible deniability.

These three tips are part of a 7 part posting series, with an 8th post with all 21 tips in one place. 

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