21 Ways to Increase Candidate Experience: #16, 17, and 18 (Sourcing)

#16-18 Source and Apply

16. Add more Passive Candidates. I need a disclaimer on this one. This is going to lean on statistics and motivations of candidates at an aggregate level, but if your experience feedback is tanking, take a look at the number of applicants and interviews you are doing with passive candidates…as increasing passive candidates also means increasing a certain classification of motivators associated with being hired. Active candidates do share a motivation set with passive candidates…but some motivators only exist in actives, why another only exist in passives. Actives typically are more critical of speed and process turbulence. If you have those issues, sourcing and interviewing more candidates who aren’t actively hunting can change your outcomes.

17. Use techniques to control the potential number of applicants per requisition to gain control over sourcing, especially in professional level positions. You should look at your applications per requisition level. If its high, like 50 or more per requisition, and your experience ratings are low, reduce the number of people you are saying NO to.

18. Create fewer steps in the application process and make it much faster to execute. This isn’t a new concept, but no matter what, the data points to higher candidate experience ratings for applications that aren’t overly long.

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