21 Ways to Increase Candidate Experience: #13, 14, and 15 (Employer Branding)

#13-15 Employer Branding

13. The more information about the job, the better! Having the job descriptions, information about benefits, salary ranges and compensation structure, successful candidate profiles for the job, and career path examples should easily displayed and featured on career sites – for the job or job family, and potentially the posting itself. Well, that is at least the collective feedback from candidates who found certain items helpful from highly rated companies.

14. Brag about your corporate values. Clearly display and feature corporate values, why people want to work here, employee testimonials, and why people stay with the business in more general areas of the corporate website. Feedback and text analysis shows it as helpful and favorable.

15. Have a deliberate selection process to determine who you are going to offer, and expose that selection method to candidates. Candidates have provided plenty of feedback on highly rated companies that they knew how decisions were being made and when. You do not need to keep it a secret.

These three tips are part of a 7 part posting series, with an 8th post with all 21 tips in one place. 

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