21 Ways to Increase Candidate Experience: #19, 20 and 21 (Hiring Managers)

#19-21 Hiring Managers

19. Have hiring managers deliver the offer directly. This tip is very specific to the offer experience of new hires, and we have found that candidate experience ratings are slightly higher if the offers come from hiring manager versus a recruiter. If your offer experience is already rated well, then don’t sweat it, but if its not, try changing the messenger, assuming hiring managers want and can do it.

20. Key communications should from hiring manager, instead of the recruiter. Data suggests that key advancing messages are preferred to be delivered from the hiring manager directly.  You need to count how many occur  in total and shift towards the hiring manager.  Interview schedules, agendas, follow ups, questions, thank you – whatever.

21. Increase the number of hiring manager interviews with applicant. An interesting feedback point we have seen from candidates is the thought, “How can I be assessed with only one 30 minute session with the hiring manager?” Well maybe your business is awesome at interviewing, but the perception to that candidate is typically based on personal history. Simply asking “Sally, what do you see as typical in an interview process” creates excellent context for you to use during the interview process as you explain what YOUR process is. Additionally, it will likely also tell you if you are interviewing less than you should versus the competition. The data is leading here, but not strong enough for me to call it a causation. However, turns out that companies that have candidates engage in more individual sessions with members of a hiring team have higher interview and overall candidate experience ratings.

These three tips are part of a 7 part posting series, with an 8th post with all 21 tips in one place. 

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