Podcast: Social Recruiting Strategies Conference Recap

From July 23rd to the 25th, Aspen Founder, Andrew Gadomski attended the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference in Chicago, hosted by GSMI.  This 3 day conference offered best practices, current trends, metrics, and statistics on today’s talent pool and how to effectively leverage social recruiting strategies to find the best candidates.

Andrew moderated a panel titled “Measures, Metrics and Analytics for Social Recruiting”, where he discussed social recruiting strategies and metrics with three industry experts, Nan Weitzman(HP), Jillian Snavley(PNC) and Allison Kruse(Aon Hewitt). You can listen the panel conversation here.

Andrew also presented a session titled “Big Data’s Impact on Your Social Recruiting Strategy”, where he talked about attendee social recruiting behavior and compared it to data collected from a social recruitment monitor.

Both presentations can be found here.

Click below to listen to Andrew’s recap of the conference:

Podcast part 1:GSMI Social Recruiting Strategies Conf Podcast Part 1

Podcast part 2: GSMI Social Recruiting Strategies Conf Podcast Part 2

Podcast: HR Management Institute-Western Conference

From July 21st to the 23rd, Aspen Founder, Andrew Gadomski, attended the Human Resource Management Institute(HRMI) Western Conference in San Diego.  HRMI brought together leading HR & Talent Management executives to talk about talent management, talent development, social media, culture and other topics. Andrew attended as a service provider and in addition to discussing these topics, had a number of insightful and productive one-to-one meetings where he was able to show off our Pando tools.

Click below to listen to Andrew’s 10 minute podcast recap of the conference.

Podcast Part 1: HRMI Recap Podcast Part A

Podcast Part 2: HRMI Recap Podcast Part B

Big Data Summit at Recruiting Trends 2013

It’s official, Recruiting Trends Conference 2013 has added a Big Data Summit as part of their agenda and we’re going to be part of it! The conference runs from October 22nd to the 25th in Las Vegas.  The Big Data Summit will take place on the 22nd.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts and expertise with recruiters, sourcers, talent acquisition managers, and other HR and recruiting professionals about how big data can help find, attract, and retain job candidates.

Our Pando tools have helped us show many people how straightforward it should be to use big data to make data driven business decisions.

To read more about the Recruiting Trends Conference and the Big Data Summit click here.

To explore how you can use Pando to improve your data visibility visit us here.