2 Requirements for Talent Analytics

We just read Meghan M. Biro‘s recent article about how talent analytics will work in HR, and we agree with many of her sentiments. In fact, we have some personal experience with two of her main points: that the future of talent analytics has to be 1) mobile ready, and 2) cloud-based.

First – talent analytics need to be ready for mobile. In our experience running HR analytics for businesses of all shapes and sizes, we’ve found that over half of our clients were accessing data reports, tools, and dashboard on mobile. For some of our clients, we even saw that the rate of desktop usage was close to zero! So when you are looking for an analytics dashboard for your HR team, make sure that your charts, graphs, and trends are all accessible on a smartphone screen. We’ve personally stuck to this commitment, and all of our analytics services come mobile-ready out of the box.

Second – talent analytics data needs to be cloud-based. This is a must, not only because the cloud can be accessed from any device with internet connection. Cloud-based data is also important in security and compliance matters. Without the cloud, manually sending back and forth HR data with PII’s (Personally Identifiable Information) of candidates or employees can lead to people having information that they really shouldn’t have- and lead to a web of compliance issues. Not only do we personally cleanse all of our data of PII’s, all of our services are also based in the cloud.

Are there other “must-have” requirements for Talent Analytics? Share your idea in the comments below or tweet us: @myaspenadvisor .

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