Humanizing your Applicant Tracking System – Wise Words from Liz Ryan

Liz Ryan, of LinkedIn Influencer fame, hit the nail on the head with her oldie-but-goodie LinkedIn post, “Want to Make Great Hires? Kill These Obnoxious Recruiting Practices!” With charm and wit, and not to mention hilarious illustrations, Liz blows holes through the current recruiting meta to reveal how we could all do our jobs a little bit better.

Specifically, we at Aspen were struck by the section titled “Nuke the Applicant Tracking System, or Humanize it, at Least”. It struck a chord with us because as a talent analytics consultant who helps companies solve their workforce problems, the ATS is where many HR teams lose candidates the most.

Why? The ATS is so focused on requisitions, accounts, and completed forms that the candidate experience gets completely lost in the process. And with open requisitions receiving more applicants than ever, its so easy for recruiters to stop seeing applicants as “people”, and instead simply “lines on a spreadsheet”.

So Liz Ryan, keep doing what you’re doing. Your smart and cheeky articles never fail to amuse and inform us at the same time.

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