Unemployment Rates


Our Grade

Does this visual meet the ASCENDING standards?
  • A

    Accurate Data

  • S

    Source Indicated

  • C

    Color Sparingly

  • E

    Easy to Read

  • N

    Naked Data is Best

  • D

    Descriptive Texts and Labels

  • I

    Includes a Smart Title

  • N

    Natural Scale

  • G

    Good Visual Type

On a 1 – 10 scale, we give this a 9.  This visual hits just about every standard we utilize in the ASCENDING acronym you can find to the upper right.  The colors used do not fall within the color blindness scale, and are not flashy.  There are descriptive labels, interactive options, and it is easy to read.  There is another table below that also shows the same interesting data regarding the unemployment rates across the country.