Offer Attribution

This metric helps the company understand which sources produce candidates that are ultimately offered a role within the company.

Interviewee Attribution

This metric presents the sources produce candidates that are advanced to an interview with the hiring manager.

Evaluated Attribution

This metric presents the sources that produce candidates that have been evaluated by the recruiter and submitted / advanced to the hiring manager.

Applicant Attribution

Open to Offer Accept %

A valuable measure that helps the business understand what percentage of the open requisitions / positions are in currently in the offer accept stage and later stages, prior to the requisition being officially closed. It helps indicate the percentage of openings that are actively in solicitation and/or assessment stages. The measure is calculated by either looking for indicators on a requisition status that would indicate the workflow of the requisition itself (which is rare for offers) OR would look at the percent of openings that have one or more candidates in those late stages by looking at workflow indicators in the candidate data.