Recruitment Workflow

Effective planning likely ensures a successful hire.  Use the workflow outlined below to work with Aspen Analytics and the hiring managers to recruit top talent for Gentex.  Human Resources (HR) will offer a more detailed workflow to managers in the training workshop taking place later on. Please contact the HR Business Partner with any questions.

Step 1: Needs Analysis

The HRBP should complete workforce planning, in which they determine the following information for each req: need for req, job description, compensation plan, method of advertisement, and who will manage the req.  If the HR Director approves the needs analysis, the HRBP takes next steps to begin the requisition.

Step 2: Candidate Sourcing

The HRBP posts the position and continues to view the applicants in Paylocity.  If, after 30 days there are no applicants advancing, Aspen may be engaged.

If Aspen is engaged, the Aspen Sourcer will create a Tinder List and additional initial passive research, which is then submitted by the Aspen Project Manager back to the HRBP.  With feedback, the Aspen Project Manager and Sourcer continue to source and solicit passive candidates, who are then screened by an Aspen Recruiter.  Candidates who passed this screening are advanced to screen again with the HRBP.

Step 3: Candidate Screening Stage

The HRBP and Hiring Manager work together here.  The HRBP will visually screen all of the acceptable applicants, prescreen applicants that pass (including Aspen’s), and schedule / submit these candidates to the Hiring Manager.  The HM performs an additional phone screen with the HRBP, who then presents feedback and approval to the HRBP of the candidate slate.

Step 4: Candidate Selection and Assessment

The HRBP and Hiring Manager continue to work together through the selection and assessment stage.  The Hiring Manager starts off by selecting and preparing an interview team for their role, including assignment of interview questions.

The HRBP provides this team with assessment tools and training, and schedules the candidates to speak with the Hiring Manager.  The interview takes place onsite with the Hiring Manager’s interview teams, and reports feedback to the HRBP using debrief sessions.  Here, the HRBP takes legal collection of feedback, and ultimately either dismisses or advances the candidates.

Step 5: Closing the Deal

The HRBP continues to manage the candidates by maintaining communications with the finalists.  Once a finalist is chosen, the HRBP will prepare and offer letter draft, negotiate and close the offer, and continue to manage the offer process.

The Hiring Manager performs reference checks, while the HRBP initiates and adjudicates the pre-hire checks.

Step 6: Onboarding

The HRBP is charged with the entire onboarding process, starting with providing the new hire development plan to the manager.  The HRBP will then continue to prepare the new hire for pre-boarding and onboarding.

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